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About Us

MyHighlights.com archives the accomplishments of Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer and Volleyball players at the Little League, High School (JV and Varsity), and Junior College levels.

Here's what MyHighlights.com offers:

1. Your own team representatives can securely add stats for each player by game and update data for the team overall, for each player, cheerleader, and schedule.

2. Upload pictures and video from your computer into our database for each team staff member, player and cheerleader.

3. Compare rankings for the Top 10, 50, 100 or 200 Players or Teams based on the information provided by the participating teams.

4. Players and cheerleaders can purchase their personalized "HighLight" profile page to share and compare with family, friends, camp coordinators and even college scouts.
a. Little League
b. High School
c. Junior College